Things to Consider When Finding Commercial Auto Insurance in NJ

Commercial auto insurance in NJ provides coverage for the vehicles a company rents or holds, along with the travellers within the vehicle during an accident. These policies typically provide both liability and property safety elements. The liability element covers any physical injury or damages to someone’s individual, vehicle, and property when you’re deemed liable for a vehicle accident.

Does Your Business Require Commercial Auto Insurance?

Do I require commercial auto insurance? It is a common query asked by businesses that utilize one or more vehicles for their business. Whether or not you require commercial auto insurance relies on what you are utilizing the vehicle for and where you visit during business activities.

For instance, if you utilize a vehicle to travel to the cafe you work at, you merely require personal auto insurance. The same applies if you utilize your vehicle to get food for your co-workers. However, you might want to take advantage of a commercial auto insurance policy if you’re driving people around as an Uber driver, delivering pizzas by car, or routinely driving long distances to meet with clients.

Which Kind of Vehicles Does Your Business Utilize?

When thinking about whether or not your business requires commercial auto insurance, think about which kind of vehicles you utilize. Bigger commercial vehicles, like food pickup trucks, box trucks and service utility trucks, usually need a commercial auto insurance policy. Your plan will also provide coverage for the workers that operate these vehicles, and the costly products inside. Sometimes, regular cars, vans, and trucks may also need commercial auto insurance.

Generally speaking, you’ll need commercial auto insurance in any situation in which you use an automobile mainly for business functions to ensure you’re completely covered in an accident.

How Are Your Vehicles Being Utilized?

How you utilize the vehicles for business will impact the type of commercial auto insurance you’ll require and the amount of insurance coverage you’ll need. As a typical rule of thumb, you need to have a commercial auto insurance policy in any situation in which you’re transporting individuals or goods for a fee or carrying out a service utilizing your vehicle. You may also require commercial auto insurance if you need larger liability limits because of the dangerous nature of your work, such as transporting heavily weighted loads like equipment and tools, or if you are towing something behind the vehicle.

What Amount of Insurance Does Your Business Require?

Most private auto insurance policies do not provide a sufficient amount of liability for businesses. The highest limit on most private auto insurance policies is $500,000. Whereas, commercial auto insurance firms provide significantly larger liability limits. Having a commercial auto policy, you can get an insurance policy with a liability limit of up to $1,000,000. This is important because it only takes one major accident involving physical injury or property damage to produce an expensive claim that can affect your business. You can lower your personal risks and operate worry-free with commercial auto insurance in NJ.

Consult with The Insurance Providers

Interested in finding out more about commercial auto insurance in NJ or want to get a policy for your business? Contact an experienced insurance agency, like Eastern Insurors.

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