Ithemes Security Pro GPL Plugin Free Download


The Ithemes security pro is a competitive plug-in of Word Press websites. The Ithemes security pro-plug-in has a range of several versions all the way, and the last updated version of the Ithemes was in April 2018. The Ithemes offers guesswork for the Word Press security. This is a simple type of security plugin for beginners also. It does make secure & protect any word press website.

A Word Press site demands a good security plan that has to be trusted, like ithemes security pro. Recently a survey declares that WordPress powers over the 30%  of sites. Those Word Press users who have already skipped on themes security pro should not take worry about hacker’s target.


A WordPress user has to take worry about its WordPress website security. Anyone can easily hack or harm the website. Through the themes security plug-in, this is not possible. This is a free plugin for download and installation. This plugin performs to reset all WordPress protection problems. Anyone can know and have the entire security problem exist. The I themes is the best security plan for all types of WordPress websites. This plug-in saves your site contents data entirely. The ithemes pro download is the WO protection simply. It offers 30 above ways to make secure a Wardress site. Averagely hackers are hacking 20,000 Word press websites, due to unsecured.

Many new beginners do not have ideas about vulnerability, but I theme security pro gives the option to make lockdown the Wardress completely. The security pro plugin can fix the simple hole and can resist automatic hacks by strengthening user credentials.

 The security pro plugin is a power pack with many advanced features which will be helpful for any Word press users.


·      Two-Factor Authentication

·      WordPress Salts & Security Keys

·      Malware Scan Scheduling 

·      Password Security

·      Password Expiration

·      Google re-CAPTCHA

·      User Action Logging 

·      Dashboard Widget

·      Online File Comparison

·      Temporary Privilege Escalation

·      Wp-Cli Integration.

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