Insurance that supports you in serious illnesses

Serious illnesses may be excluded from  Personal Accident Insurance , but there are cover alternatives that ensure your protection, as well as that of your family members against these illnesses.

Our health is essential. In addition to reminding each other of this fact whenever we remember or in those moments when we have the flu that leaves us in bed for a week, our integrity and our physical well-being condition our life and that of our family. Thus, staying healthy and in full possession of our faculties will allow us to develop a full and satisfying work and personal life.

But there is nothing that is 100% safe and for everyone it is evident that, in addition to our age and physical condition, the risks to our health are a fact. In the event of an external and fortuitous incident that causes you injuries, you can count on the assistance of our Personal Accident Insurance, which we had already talked about a few days ago . However,  what happens when we are affected by a serious illness? Is it possible to prevent such an eventuality? And to protect economic and family solvency, while having resources for its recovery? 

Serious Illness Insurance: Peaceful Future

The insurance sector has several alternatives to ensure family wealth, through economic compensation and according to what is established in the policy, when one of its members is absent. In this way,  Life-Risk insurance  provides compensation for the death of the insured and also offers the option of doing so in case of temporary or permanent incapacity, as well as partial or absolute incapacity. But, if you think that there is a likelihood of having to face a serious illness, there are also insurance options that protect and fight alongside you in order to postpone it as much as possible or even to avoid a fatal outcome. Here, Serious Disease insurance comes into play  .

At MetLife,  the  insurance Serious Illness (Quiet Future)  presents different options that allow you to access to compensation from the moment presented to you the diagnosis . Allowing you to  focus on your recovery  and avoid additional concerns, such as the  cost of treatments  and how to assume them. In addition, associated services include the design of a  specific and personalized assistance plan , as well as  home and psychological assistance : one more support to help you overcome difficult times. On the other hand, they allow access to a set of associated services such as several  alternative therapies, such as reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture or reflexology, which combined with professional and specialized medical monitoring, will contribute to making the situation more bearable, representing a significant reinforcement of well-being and contributing to the improvement of the patient.

In some types of insurance, you can choose different variants, depending on the coverage. In the case of MetLife’s Serious Disease Insurance, the most basic option already  covers  the three serious diseases that cause the most deaths across the European continent : cancer, myocardial infarction and stroke  (ie: infarction, thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage). But there is also the option of hiring an even more complete product that also includes the  payment of the insured capital in case of diagnosis of coronary diseases , such as  bypass  or angioplasty.

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