Types of Grapes in India Which Are Healthy and Delicious

Grapes or we called “Angoor”, in India, the love for them are very popularly known. These tasty fruits do not need a special introduction in our country. Grapes are tasty and delicious berries that have a sweet flavour that grows in the woody vines. These grapes are available in different colours such as white, black, blue, red, etc. The fruit is consumed as raw, juice, vine, etc. They are a good source of nutrients and antioxidants, making them beneficial for everyone. They are also healthy, rich in fibre, vitamins A, C, B6, and minerals.

If you want to know about India’s different grape varieties for commercial production, you are in the right place. Everyone relishes juicy and refreshing grapes. But, do you learn about the best grape varieties in India? Find them out here. 

Different Varieties of Grapes in India 

Many grape varieties are available, which are highly grown in India and have different amounts of nutrients. They are tasty and liked by everyone. So without any extra delay, let’s start. 

  1. Sultana Grapes 

The first variety of grapes is Sultana, commonly known as “Thompson Seedless” in the US. Apart from the US, this grape variety is also available in India, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, etc. The sultana variety is believed to have originated from Asia Minor. These grapes are available in light green colour with an oval shape and have a special position in the Indian markets. This variety of grapes processed high sugar raisins and are commonly consumed as breakfast in our country. This variety is cultivated mainly in the northern part of India. This variety of grapes is tasty, delicious, and healthy, and it has a good water content that keeps the body hydrated. Tasty fruit is counted in the widely consumed grape variety in India. 

  1. Anab-E-Shahi Grapes

The next one is Anab-e-shahi which was introduced in the early 1900s by Abdul Baquer Khan. This variety of grapes is consumed as raw and juice. An-e-Shahi grapes are grown in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, etc. This variety is initially produced in AP, and later the cultivation is moved to other states. The fruit’s seed and skin have a great nutritional value, which keeps the body healthy. The shape of the grapes are long, and the seeds are white in colour. Because of the high market demand for Sultana, this variety of grapes are going extinct in the coming future.

  1. Dilkhush Grapes

The third one is Dilkhush which is considered as clones of Anab-e-shahi like sultana grapes. Both the grape varieties have the same attributes, pale green colour along with white coloured seeds. Dilkhush grapes have a zesty taste, and hot summer days of March and April are the best season to grow them. Karnataka holds the first position of its production with many other states. This type of grapes is famous for raw consumption or table purpose. 

  1. Sharad Seedless Grapes

The other one is Sharad seedless, which is available in black and purple colour. The grapes have good sweetness and are available in bright colour. Sharad seedless grapes come with high Vitamin A, C and B6 concentrations, making them the most healthy fruit in India. This variety of grapes are highly produced in the northern parts of the country, and Mumbai is the centre of this grape cultivation. The months of December and February is suitable for Sharad Seedless grapes cultivation. This tasty fruit has a great demand in the overseas markets because of its taste and healthy attributes. 

  1. Perlette Grapes

The next variety of grapes is Perlette which is available in round shape and oval shape. Perlette is seedless and kind of similar to the Thompson Seedless variety. These grapes are big and have clear thin skin and a bit of greenish tint. They are very juicy and delicious. These grapes are eaten fresh and used for producing raisins. In India, most of these grape’s cultivation happens in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.   

  1. Gulabi Grapes

The last one is Gulabi grapes which are available as pink-purple berries, grown for table purposes. These grapes are luscious and juicy, featuring small, spherical, and seeded berries. In India, AP, Maharashtra, and Karnataka are major states where this variety is grown. This grape variety is tasty and very beneficial for the body as it has many good sources of vitamins and nutrients. 

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