Coffee Shop Business Proposal

Coffee Shop with a Juice Bar


The essay is about the development of the coffee shop with a juice bar. It is a widely recognized business and it has a huge significance in the field of caf├ęs and restaurants. It is basically an establishment which provides the services regarding the coffee, juice and both as well. It serves as the place for leisure for the people and it is very popular in the American and Asian region. It also provides a center point for social interaction along with other activities such as talking, entertaining, writing and passing time with another. 

 Therefore the coffee shop with a juice bar gives a truly enjoyable experience and as a relaxation for the hard working people. In order to develop a shop which will feature the combined experience of juice and coffee, there are four different steps for opening a coffee shop with a juice bar which are the following. The first is the determination of the top selling coffees and juices brands. The second aspect is identifying the flavors of juices which is followed by carrying out the market strategies of the top brands and other brands as well. This is a benchmark for the starters who are willing to develop the shop (CSSU, 2018). 

The last comes out to be the development of the business plan regarding the overall marketing of the Juices and coffees. These are things which must be kept in mind in order to an effective business strategy. Now coming to the business layout, this is the core aspect in running the business successfully and effectively. It initiates from setting up the purchasing price of the items required for coffee and juices. Secondly hiring the right number of employees based on their talent of making the coffees and juices and their experiences. The third one is the determining the price of the coffee and juices based on the flavors. The last is the specifying the discounted rate in order to make sure that the discounted price is well under the rage of the targets set. This will ensure the profit factor of the shop.

The most important aspect of the business is maintaining a good customer relationship. This serves as an important tool in grabbing more customers and so aids in generating huge profits. The main things included in this factor are the Identification of the customer tastes. Next is the introduction of the new flavors of juices based on the current market trend. The third is the implementation of the surveys based on the quality of the juices and coffees and what must be done to further enhance the quality & quantity (Victor, 2016). Finally the sponsoring of welfare programs through advertisements which will grab more customers and it will further alleviate the brand. This will help in earning a good repute of the shop among the public.


In the end, it is evident that the development of a coffee shop holds a great significance especially for the starters. The development involves three different stages which includes setting of the basic framework and it mentions hiring of the employee, machinery etc. The second stage is the business development and it includes the pricing factors in order to properly market the product in an effective way. The last stage is sustaining the good customer relationship. This stage emphasizes on the need of the customer with respect to the favorite flavors of juices and coffees. These three things complete the development of the coffee shop with a juice bar. 

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