Best Dab Pens for Girls

Women are selective creatures in nature. Women have a taste for good things and will always select the best. When looking at history, smoking and other methods of consumption like dabbing were associated with men. That is not the case now; smoking and dabbing are not gendered biased anymore.

Women love good but easy things to operate. For example, a dab pen is best for a lady if it is easy to operate. Selecting the best dab pens for ladies in the market flooded like cannabis is not easy. To save you energy and time, we have done background research and compiled a list of the best dab pens for girls.

Among the considerations when drafting the list is the ease of use—another factor in selecting products from reputable brands through comparing their professional and positive reviews. We also compared the prices to get you something that is relatively affordable. Here is our selection;

Dr. Dabber Stella

Stella is normally a feminine name in many communities. Like its name, Dr. Dabber Stella dab pen has all the qualities the best dab pen for girls should have. Dr. Dabber, as a brand, is known to come up with exactly what people want. We already know that ladies want something easy to operate, and that is what Stella is. It is compatible with several concentrates like wax in wax vaporizers, oils, and more.

A full kit of Dr. Dabber Stella comes with a shattered jar, an extra atomizer, and a glass mouth. This is another great product that is expected to dominate the vaping world in the coming days. There is a warranty for every product you get from Dr. Dabber, and Stella is not an exception. It comes with a one-year warranty where the product can be repaired or replaced depending on the problem. So, ladies, this is our first choice.

Yocan Magneto

Yocan is another renowned brand that produces quality dabbing products. Magneto, a dab pen from Yocan, is common with girls because of its sensitive nature and size. Unlike the other dab pens, Yocan Magneto has an inbuilt dab tool.

Another advantage of Magento is the quick charging ability that guarantees several puffs with just a few minutes of charging. The battery gets to full charge within a short period, so you will not have to wait for centuries. Magneto dab pen is compatible with hard-hitting and long-lasting Quartz elite coils.

Linx Blaze

Girls don’t have a lot of time and the energy to load dab pens all the time. It is normal, and no one wants to struggle loading dabs. For effortless loading, Linx Blaze has innovative honey straws and a ceramic rod system. It features a strong 750mAh battery that takes a short period for a full charge. The dab pen is made of stainless steel parts for quality and durability.

Kandypens Crystal 2

KandyPens crystal 2 is the second product of the crystal series that girls love. One major reason girls love it is the four temperature settings that allow them to customize their dabbing experience. This dab pen offers smooth and strong hits, exactly as they want it. Fitted with a 1200mAh battery, Crystal 2 gives you numerous puffs before you can recharge.

Even after coming with such a massive battery, you still get a lifetime warranty covering the battery.

Dr. Dabber Light Kit

Dr. Dabber, as mentioned above, is a brand with limitless products. There is a wide range of products in their store to choose from. Apart from Stella, there is Light which is light like its name. You can easily move with it from one place to another in your pocket.

It employs the latest technology in the market; titanium technology. The product also comes with a warranty for one year. This shows how legit the product is. Within that period, Dr. Dabber will either repair or replace it for you.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of products that we could have listed, but we have to choose the best out of the rest. The dab pens mentioned above were thoroughly vetted and surely deserved to be there. All the devices fulfill the needs of girls like portability, easy to use, and so on. 

This is just a list but the choice you make entirely depends on your needs. We only give you information and let you make a choice.

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